• Lund Focus Period (ELLIIT)

    I am honored to have been invited as a visiting scholar to the ELLIIT (Excellence Center at Linköping – Lund in Information Technology) focus period “6G – forming a better future” that will be held at Lund University in October and November.

  • ECC’24 associate editor

    It is my great pleasure to announce that I have been asked to serve as associate editor of the upcoming European Control Conference 2024 (ECC’24).

  • IEEE TAC paper accepted

    I’m happy to report that our paper has been accepted for publication in IEEE TAC: N. Bastianello, R. Carli, S. Zampieri. “Internal Model-Based Online Optimization.” IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, to appear arXiv

  • Automatica outstanding reviewer

    I have received a commendation letter as an outstanding reviewer for the journal Automatica for the year 2023.

  • 3 papers accepted for CDC’23

    I am co-author of three papers that have been accepted for presentation at CDC’23:

  • Talk at UniPD

    I have been invited to give a talk on May 12, 2023 at the workshop “From behaviors and codes to intelligent network systems”, held at the University of Padova in honor of Prof. Sandro Zampieri’s 60th birthday.

  • EECI graduate school

    On 13-17/02/2023 I will be teaching a graduate course for EECI alongside Prof. Ruggero Carli and Prof. Luca Schenato. The course is titled “Multi-Agent Optimization and Learning: Resilient and Adaptive Solutions” and will provide an in-depth look at distributed optimization and learning algorithms, with particular focus on challenging scenarios (communication failures, asynchrony, …). The flyer…

  • Post-doc at KTH

    Starting November 1st I will be a post-doc at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, in Prof. Karl H. Johansson‘s group.

  • Post-doc at University of Padova

    From November 2021 to October 2022 I will be a post-doc at the University of Padova, working under the supervision of Prof. Sandro Zampieri and Prof. Ruggero Carli. The post-doc is financed through a PRIN (research grant of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) with the goal of developing “Robust online distributed optimization…

  • PhD thesis

    The draft of my PhD thesis, currently under review, is available here. If you have any comments please fell free to reach out. Update February 2022: I discussed my thesis, the final version can be found here I am grateful to my supervisors Prof. Ruggero Carli and Prof. Andrea Simonetto, and my supervisor at CU…